Chris has spent over 20 years studying leadership, experiencing leadership and leading.

Chris Whipp

A former British Army Officer, he headed the Command and Tactics training for the Army Air Corps. He has served in many operational theatres and was the first Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot in the Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team. A certified NLP coach and trainer, he has worked with a variety of personnel including business leaders, doctors and athletes in order to assist them in realising their potential.

The Leadership Secret is much more than just a book; it is a journey of self-awareness that equips the reader with an array of tools for everyday life. Encouraging and full of practical advice for Leaders everywhere, it will remain a go to reference for years to come. The engaging anecdotes create a window to a world few will witness and yet one from which we can all learn. By removing the gloss and the mystery, Chris, has made leadership accessible to all. Not just business leaders but every parent, uncle and aunt is a leader. You will really learn how to ‘Be the Difference that makes the Difference’.

The Leadership Secret by Major Chris Whipp

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