JJ has been writing in various forms all his life, from songs to poetry, micro fiction to short stories, travel blogs and even a fully-fledged fantasy adventure novel.

JJ Morval Portrait Influenced by the children’s literature that he loved as a child, he has been inspired to create children’s poetry of his own. He was recently convinced to use an illustrator and turn one of his children’s poems in to a book, and the result was ‘To Squeak and Hattie’. He was introduced to the immensely talented Heather Robbins whose contribution and collaboration have been invaluable. They are now working on the next book ‘Squeak’s Adventure’, and JJ has begun writing a third which has yet to be given a title.

After a frightening encounter with education he has had a working career spanning seven different industries, and all that wonderful life experience is now proving very useful on his writing adventure.

‘To Squeak and Hattie’ is the story of three intrepid friends, Squeak the mouse, Hattie the hedgehog and Narby the tortoise, who mend a broken boat and set off on a fantastic adventure across the seas! They sail across the waters to strange and wonderful lands and make lots of new friends! A beautifully illustrated story told in a delightful and engaging limerick style, it is great for reading aloud, enabling you to enjoy the adventure with your children. The target audience is 6-8 year olds but there’s something in it for the grown-ups too!

‘To Squeak and Hattie’ book cover by JJ Morval

‘To Squeak and Hattie’ is available on Amazon:

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