Chindi is an authors’ network

Chindi is a network of authors, some independently and some traditionally published, based largely but not exclusively in West Sussex. We organise online and live events to help promote great books and encourage authors to follow their dreams to create excellent printed paperbacks, ebooks and audio books.

Chindi believes independently published books are as valid and exciting as those produced the traditional way and we aim for the same excellence in production values and gripping content.

Chindi works with retailers, media and event organisers to promote our books, working in harmony with traditional agents and publishers.

Facebook campaigns

Joint promotions on Facebook are just one of the campaigns CHINDI Members are involved in: see our Facebook page for more details.

Some of our members were traditionally published but now prefer the control that independent authors have over their own work.

Others have moved from self publishing to work with established agents and publishers for greater exposure.

All are welcome.


Chindi represents a wide range of genres and is non-political in nature. The group is open to all authors with an interest in publishing.

For membership details visit our Membership page.

Chindi Members get together to discuss author events such as book launches, PR and marketing.