I discovered a love of writing very recently after a very difficult period in my life.

Alison JOnesIn July 2013 my husband Mark Jones passed away in St Richards Hospital. He was very much a larger than life character loved by everyone and full of a wicked sense of humour, so dying at a very young age left a huge hole in many peoples lives not least myself. I decided to honour his life setting a different challenge for myself each year in memorium, something that I hope would make him proud of me.

At the start of 2015 I came across CHINDI and decided that my challenge for the year would be to self published a novel that he wrote a year before he died. Chindi helped immensely in getting that dream achieved and the book was published just before the end of last year.

Along the way I discovered my own love of writing so my challenge for this year is to write my own book.

So You’re Dead…This Is What Happens Next

markSo what does happen after you die? Simon a recently departed soul is about to find out. He is awakened from his death induced slumber by a Demon who has the job of taking newly departed souls to their final spot in the inner circles of Hell. Hell is corrupt, money is scarce and it is basically falling apart, and Simons Demon really couldn’t care less about his Soul delivery role, well he has been doing the job for over 2000 years. What follows is an irreverent trip through the afterlife.

So You’re Dead…This Is What Happens Next is available on Amazon (in Kindle and Paperback):

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So You're Dead...This Is What Happens Next Book Cover