Rose Edmunds our newest CHINDI memberIn a recent meeting, CHINDI members got together and decided to add a new feature to the website by presenting a series of author interviews. In this post we are introducing a new member, Rose Edmunds. Rose writes financial thrillers – her writing draws heavily on her considerable insight into the business world and in particular the uncomfortable conflict between individual and corporate objectives.

When did you start writing?

At the age of 9 I wrote my first novel. It was 10 pages long!

Why did you choose the genre?

I write financial thrillers with a strong ethical theme. I’ve always been intrigued by the moral ambiguities of the business world – making money and principled behaviour are often unhappy bedfellows, as people are increasingly realising. In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis in living memory, and when finite resources threaten the very raison d’être of capitalism, I felt there had never been a better time to focus on the conflict between individual and corporate morality.

When do you write?

On weekdays, never evenings or weekends. I guess that’s a legacy from the many years I spent working in a conventional job.

What would you have done differently with hindsight?

I would have self-published my first novel Never Say Sorry

Which indie writers do you most admire?

I like the books of fellow CHINDI member Ray Green, who also writes financial thrillers and Terry Tyler, a prolific indie writer who I met on Twitter. I’d hesitate to pigeonhole her into a particular genre, but she’s brilliant at characterisation and portraying emotional ambiguity.

Describe your novels in 5 words.

Gripping tales of business skulduggery

What’s the best advice about writing you were ever given?

Get the first draft done and worry about finessing the writing later. Otherwise, you can spend hours tweaking a scene that later ends up deleted altogether.

Why did you join Chindi?

Writing can be a very solitary profession and I felt it would be useful to connect with other writers, to give and receive support.

What are the biggest challenges facing indie authors in 2015?

I’ve noticed that a lot of well-known authors are putting their back list on Amazon in kindle format. Because they have the name recognition, it makes it a lot harder for indie authors to achieve visibility.

For more information on Rose and her books, check out her Amazon Page here.

Author Interview with Rose Edmunds
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