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Gillian Angrave

Gillian Angrave: Author of  travel books about Venice

Chindi author, Peter Bartram

Peter Bartram: Author of ‘Crampton of the Chronicle’ crime series

Jane Cable

Jane Cable: Author of The Cheesemaker’s House, a gripping romance-suspense

Helen Christmas

Helen Christmas: Author of British Conspiracy Thriller Series ‘Same Face Different Place.’

Patricia Feinberg Stoner: Author of the Pays d’Oc series and comic verse

Julia Firlotte is a member of Chindi Authors

Julia Firlotte: Author of romantic suspense

Small Photo of Lynne Healy member of CHINDI authors

Lynne Healy: Author of Children’s Stories

John Hall, CHINDI authors

John Hall: Author of WW2 drama “Under the Yew Tree”

Christine Hammacott

Christine Hammacott: Author of psychological crime thriller ‘The Taste of Ash’

Chindi Author Janet Hardacre small picture

Janet Hardacre: Author of Taking Care of People with Dementia – an A-Z of practical help and caregivers’ stories

Bob Harvey: Author of non-fiction with Books on TV and the Film Industry

Small Photo Susanne Haywood member of CHINDI authors

Susanne Haywood: Author of Tigger – Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat.

Gunvor Johanssen

Gunvor Johansson: Author of two children’s novels series

Dan Jones

Dan Jones: Author of a number of Non-Fiction titles and Debut Novel ‘The Hypnotic Assassin’

Julia Macfarlane

Julia Macfarlane: Author of a several anthologies of short stories

Joanne Mallory CHINDI author

Joanne Mallory: Mindful marketer and romance author.


Jim Morley: Author of Short Stories and Maritime Thrillers

Jon Moorthorpe

Jon Moorthorpe: Author of  ‘Migrating Geese’ an anthology of Short Stories

Small Photo of Isabella Muir member of CHINDI authors

Isabella Muir: Author of Thriller Mystery and Short Stories

Rosemary Noble

Rosemary Noble:  Author of Social History Novels

Photo of Derek Nudd

Derek Nudd: Non-fiction under the genre of World War II naval history and biography

Small photo of Patricia Osborne member of CHINDI authors

Patricia M Osborne: Author of House of Grace, A Family Saga

Michael Parker

Michael Parker: Author of a number of Thrillers including Rosselli’s Gold

Laura Pauley

Laura Pauley: Family Memoir and Travel memoir

CHINDI author Lexi Rees

Lexi Rees: Author of a kids’ adventure series

Carol Thomas

Carol Thomas: Author of contemporary romance novels

Lu Thomson Children's authors

Lu Thomson: Author of Children’s Books

Chindi author Sue Wickstead

Sue Wickstead: Author of Children’s Picture Books