Our Very Own Guide to Self Publishing

Did you know that CHINDI Authors published their own book?

Before You Press Publish BookLike you, each of the Chindi Authors had a dream to have their books published.

Before You Press Publish explains how we went about it.

Chindi is a group of Independent Authors who have come together to share their experiences and knowledge they’ve acquired on their journeys to Self-Publish.

Here you will find out how to design a book cover, proofread and edit your book, deal with PR and the press, and what you can do with social media to help promote your book.

All this comes with expert advice from industry leaders and first-hand experience from those who have done it – the Chindi Authors.


Kindle Version £2.30 Paperback £12.00


Excellent – helps you learn how to MARKET, not just publish!

…It’s like having a mentor at your shoulder, and I now feel lucky to have read this before I go ahead and press publish, because I realise without knowing it I wasn’t prepared and now have a full-on “marketing plan” worked out!

I wish I’d had this book a few years ago

…For anyone thinking of or in the process of marketing their self-published book, this guide, written by a group of self-published authors, tells you how they went about it, and the mistakes they made on the way.

Before You Press Publish is available on Amazon

Before you Press Publish available on Amazon