With my only two qualifications as a school-leaver being English Language and English Literature it was clear that destiny had not singled me out to be a forensic scientist or an astronaut, so writing and film-making became a chosen career path that took me on the most eventful and exciting magic carpet ride of a lifetime.

Chindi Author Bob Harvey

For the fifty years that I worked in film and television I was privileged to have collaborated with some of the most outstanding and prolific writers, actors, directors and producers of our time and the opportunity to work on many of Britain’s most iconic television programmes, from Candid Camera to The World At War, Horizon to The Spice of Life.

As a writer-director my career encompassed documentary, drama, children’s, light entertainment and current affairs and includes The Animal Magic Show, Olympic Hall of Fame, Stagestruck, Timebusters and The Six O’Clock Show. My book How to Make Your Own Video or Short Film was published in 2008 and in between broadcast assignments I tutored film-making courses at Ravensbourne Media College and the Met Film School at Ealing Studios. In 2004 I received a BAFTA for my directing work on BBC TV’s Raven series.

Storytelling has been at the heart of all these programmes, whether in documentary, current affairs or drama; the film narrative influencing many contemporary writers to create compelling story arcs that take hold of the reader from the outset and ensure their interest is held until the story reaches its ultimate conclusion.

Books by Bob Harvey, Falling through Trapdoors and How to Make a Video or Short Film

My magic carpet no longer takes me on those wonderful journeys that fashioned my youth and shaped my future, but I look back with fondness and gratitude that I was part of such an extraordinary odyssey, even though I did lead a charmed life; not so much walking on water as running across hot coals, but somehow surviving my baptisms of fire, even if I did get my fingers burnt occasionally.

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