Chichester experienced a one-off event on 21st June as part of the Festival of Chichester.

In a combined initiative run by CHINDI Authors and Bognor Write Club, about 30 people were entertained by “Ghost Hunters” Julia Macfarlane, Helen Christmas and Alison Jones, as they strolled through the historic city centre of Chichester. With a fascinating history going back to the days of the Roman Empire, they found plenty of inspiration to keep the crowd entertained.

Chichester Festival Ghost Tour

Such light-hearted tales of ghosts and other spooky happenings connected to its historic buildings included:

  • a chilling tale of revenge connected to a historic pub
  • a jealous phantom who gets upset by your kinky boots
  • the tale of the ghost that pinches the waitresses’ bottoms in one of our cafes,
  • and the strange legend of the faceless monk.

Julia Macfarlane of Bognor Write Club said:

“Everyone seemed to enjoy the talk and reacted in all the right places, whether it was an “ooh!” or laughter. We are now considering holding it again, possibly at Halloween.”

People who would like to be kept informed of any future walk should email

Chichester Ghost Tour BookThe research conducted by the writers of CHINDI and Bognor Regis Write Club for this walk also inspired a book: Chichester Ghost Tour, which is now available on Amazon and in a few local outlets.

The book has two parts: first is a self-guided tour of the centre, with museums, galleries and, ahem, the odd pub mentioned as worth a visit along the way. (For example, the Old Cross pub has a legend attached to it and copies of the book to sell inside.) The second section has 10 short ghost stories to read but maybe not at bedtime!

Julia Macfarlane, Helen Christmas and Alison Jones have all produced other works of fiction, which are available from Amazon.

The Ghost Tour is available as an ebook at Amazon: .
Please email: to obtain a paperback version for £3 + postage.

Photos and text reproduced by kind permission of Julia and Bruce McFarlane.

Chilling Tales on our Chichester Ghost Tour
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