I write in what little spare time I have, snatching moments around family commitments. It’s not ideal but I’ve learnt that trying to put aside specific time to write just doesn’t happen. Life, my business, elderly parents and my family get in the way. So I write where and when I can, always keeping a notepad in my bag – just in case.

Christine Hammacott As children, my sister and I were encouraged to write reports about what we had done each day on holiday. Looking back I imagine this was just to keep us occupied but I enjoyed doing them and later won prizes at school for my project work. It was hardly surprising then that I should go on to follow a career in graphic design, bypassing A-levels to go straight to Art College early at the age of sixteen for four years of typography, advertising and design. I have since spent my career in design and print, including working as a book designer for a small Oxford publishing house. I never imagined at the time that one day I would publish my own books.

Writing came about for me as a result of the day job. Sometimes the copy supplied by clients was badly written and I ended up redrafting it. But I wasn’t completely confident in my grammar so I went to evening classes and took a language and literature A-level. After the course, having developed the writing bug, I joined a creative writing class and one term in entered a short story writing competition with a major national writing magazine. To my surprise, I won first prize and that proved to me that I must had some talent. However, short story writing wasn’t enough and I set about embarking on a novel. It has been a long, steep learning curve but in 2015 my debut novel, The Taste of Ash, was published.

The genre I write in is psychological crime thriller/suspense. I like to explore how ordinary people cope when they are thrown into extraordinary situations, when crime infringes on someone’s life and where, through no fault of their own, a character is forced to confront situations they have no idea how to deal with.

Book Cover 'The Taste of Ash' by Christine Hammacott

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