Dan Jones spends his time people watching, refining his observation skills, since childhood he has held a fascination with hypnosis and the power of the mind and body and has a thirst for knowledge and expanding minds and sharing what he learns with others.

Dan Jones

He lives in Chichester with his wife and has written a number of non-fiction self-published books including Amazon No1 bestsellers ‘The Psychology of Big Brother’ and ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts’, and in November 2013 he wrote his first full length novel ‘The Hypnotic Assassin’ as part of National Novel Writing Month. He decided as a hypnotist the best way to write the novel was to write it in a hypnotic trance.

The Hypnotic Assassin is fiction based on fact, unlike many novels involving hypnosis this novel is written by someone with over 20 years experience with hypnosis. All of the hypnotic techniques and all of the hypnotic phenomena described and used by the hypnotic assassin, like time distortion, hypnotising people without their knowledge or awareness, and accelerating learning, are genuine.

The Hypnotic Assassin by Dan Jones

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