Derek Nudd writes non-fiction books under the genre of World War II naval history and biography

Photo of Derek Nudd a member of Chindi authors

After thirty-something years in the defence industry late-career redundancy gave me the opportunity to blow the dust off my old History degree, match it with my more recent analytical skills and domain knowledge, and revive a long-dormant dream. I love the thrill of the chase, drawing out hidden insights and making them accessible.

The reception of Armageddon and Castaways has convinced me I have something worthwhile to offer and I am now following up other leads in the fascinating but under-researched field of Naval Intelligence.

Watch this space!

Books by CHINDI author Derek Nudd

Both books are available in paper back and can be found on Amazon:

Click here to view  Castaways of the Kriegsmarine: How shipwrecked German seamen helped the Allies win the Second World War

Click here to view Armageddon Fed Up With This: A Gunner’s Tale.