Armageddon Fed Up With This

A Gunner’s Tale By Derek Nudd
Genre: Non-Fiction / History / Biography / WW2 / Military / Social

Eric was unwillingly conscripted to a heavy anti-aircraft regiment in October 1940. He grew over the next five years into a seasoned professional with the Normandy and North West European campaigns under his belt.

A previously unsuspected talent for maths took him from heaving shells to fire-control and then radar, giving him a ringside view of the manic wartime technology race. As a Fleet Street journalist, prolific letter-writer and occasional poet Eric published improvised news sheets from a succession of gun sites and dugouts.

This tale is told by a ‘civilian-in-uniform’ who was an acute observer and literate recorder of what he saw. His wry, sometimes scathing observations on the humour and idiocy of army life, and the military, political and cultural events of the time are set against the global cataclysm going on around him. The author colours in the background for those of us lucky enough to have missed it.

The story provides a new perspective – from underneath – on the anti-aircraft forces who, for a while after the fall of France, were the only part of the army shooting back. This book will appeal to the reader who enjoys historical and military biographies, and give new insights to a student of the period.

The title, by the way, was a contemporary joke.

368 Pages; ISBN: 978-1784621308. £13.99.