Castaways of the Kriegsmarine

How shipwrecked German seamen helped the Allies win the Second World War
By Derek Nudd
Genre: Non-Fiction / History / WW2 / Naval / Intelligence / Interrogation

They thought their war was over when they were hauled from the sea.

In December 1943, as Mediterranean U-boats threw themselves into ever more desperately hopeless sorties against allied convoys a short, vicious battle in the Bay of Biscay sank a German blockade-runner and three of the escorts trying to bring her in. On Boxing Day the battle-cruiser Scharnhorst met her lonely end in the heaving, freezing waters of the Barents Sea off North Cape.

In truth the survivors were just entering a murky world of eavesdropping, deceit and betrayal. Derek Nudd brings their experiences to life in their own voices, introduces us to the interrogators they met, and tracks the intelligence they yielded back into the merciless arena of ocean combat.

This tale follows the interwoven fates of the bedraggled captives and the Naval Intelligence team’s small, eclectic, irreverent band of reservists and Wrens.

260 Pages; ISBN: 978-1548371012. £9.99.