Guided Meditations For Health & Wellbeing

Dan Jones
Genre: Non-Fiction / Meditation

A collection of 35 royalty-free therapeutic guided meditations mixing meditation with psychological therapy to create highly effective guided meditations to be read to others to guide them, or recorded to be listened to.
Many of these meditations use a mindfulness or focused meditation approach whilst mixing in therapeutic elements for the listener to hear both to contemplate on or follow during the meditation, and/or to learn to do additionally outside of the meditation setting.
These meditations can be for personal use or used to make your own meditation products like CD’s or Mp3 downloads.

Included with this book are five free downloadable meditation mp3’s worth £19.99.The meditation tracks are:
– Body Awareness Mindfulness Meditation
– Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation
– Master Your Imagination Mindfulness Meditation
– Recentring Mindfulness Meditation
– Reduce Stress Mindfulness Meditation