Human Givens Approach to Working With Parents of Challenging Teens

Dan Jones
Genre: Non-Fiction / Parenting / Social Work

Human Givens Approach to Working with Parents of Challenging Teens is written by Dan Jones, a psychological therapist with Asperger’s who has worked extensively with parents and families.

This book will teach you what the Human Givens approach is and why it is a helpful approach to learn and use, especially when working with children and families in a social care setting, it will give you a structure to follow when using this approach with families, you will learn about basic emotional needs and essential skills and how to use this knowledge to create changes in children and families, you will learn how to use solution focused techniques with children and families to decrease the number of sessions required to make changes, and you will get to see research carried out from a cohort of  over 300 families into reducing youth offending and antisocial behaviour within children and teens by using this approach just with the parents, and have the opportunity to look through some case studies of the approach in action with parents.

Dan has been using a Human Givens Approach with parents and families since 2007. Prior to this his focus was working with children and teens with challenging behaviour. He carried out research on using the Human Givens Approach to help to reduce youth criminal offending and antisocial behaviour. The results were based on working with over 300 families who were monitored over a one year period, and over 90 families were monitored over 3 years. He has also used the Human Givens Approach to help get parents back into work, and youth back into school.

The aim of this book is to add to your toolbox of strategies, skills and techniques that you already use with parents and families.

This book is written for professionals working within a social work setting that would like to integrate a Human Givens Approach into their practice. So worker may work within Family Link Work Services, Family Resource Services, Children’s Social Services, or a wide variety of other keyworker services where your role is to support parents of challenging teens.