Now and Then in Tuscany

Angela Petch
Genre: Historic Fiction

In 1917, in a remote village in the Tuscan Apennines, young Giuseppe Starnucci travels from his mountains to the Maremma coastal area, with shepherds bound for better pastures.

Along this annual trek, he will experience many hardships, including the ever-present threat of malaria, bandits and a long, five-month separation from his family.

One hundred years later, his great-grandson, Davide, researches this journey with his family. And secrets from the past are uncovered.

“Now and Then in Tuscany” takes you on a journey of self-awareness and passion. If you like Italy, you will enjoy reading about traditions and folklore still revered in modern times.

Praise for Angela Petch’s writing: Julia Gregson, bestselling author of “East of the Sun”, “[Angela] has a very vivid, natural and direct way of writing… moving and interesting… with lovely touches of humour.”