Helen J. Christmas
Genre: Thriller Mystery / Romance

Eleanor is driven by her quest to prove Perry Hampton’s evil: she has pledged to do everything she can, to protect and avenge those she loves. So when a trail of clues draws her towards uncovering Perry’s most covert secrets, she cannot resist following them – determined to prove his crimes, whilst aware, his spies are watching her every move.

But Perry will not rest until he can overpower her community – a ruthless campaign where he enlists the help of old faces, including a senior planning officer and a former London gangster. Characters, good and evil are drawn into a concentrated battle over a piece of land; but this is just the start of a more sinister game. Perry knows how he can unhinge them – even if it means encouraging his only son, to immerse himself into the dark labyrinths of the criminal underground, thereby granting him a dangerous advantage.

Eleanor’s son, Elijah, is finally drawn into their secrets; where the younger generation are growing up fast, inspired to launch their own fight against injustice. But it is the catalyst which sparks a war – one which bears deadly consequences and from where there can only be one winner.

Pleasures can be read as a standalone thriller and is the 3rd book in the British series ‘Same Face Different Place.’