Retribution Phase 1

Helen J. Christmas
Genre: Crime Thriller Mystery

Eleanor knows the battle is not over. Despite conquering her enemies, Perry’s evil son continues to haunt the lives of all those around her. Ben Hampton is undeniably evil, as disclosed in a historic account in which he was blamed for the death of a fellow schoolboy back in the 70s.

She is right. Ben has never forgiven her for thwarting his father’s mission throughout the decades and he has pledged to avenge him. Having joined forces with a dangerous criminal gang, Ben, along with his father’s oldest confident, Robin Whaley hatches a plan so devastating, it is about to rip the heart out of the community…

One scarred, one blackmailed, one left for dead… Retribution has no bounds. 

Set in the London counties of England, Retribution is the 4th book in the British series, ‘Same Face Different Place,’ a romantic suspense thriller across the decades.