Retribution End Game

Helen J. Christmas
Genre: Crime Thriller Mystery

This is the final saga of a romantic British thriller series which spans four decades. Many lives were devastated by the ruthless vengeance of Ben Hampton. Eleanor has just about managed to survive, despite the effects of a blaze that almost destroyed the Community Centre. With the building sold while her husband lingers in a coma, she has a new child to protect. But she is no longer alone. Eleanor has discovered the one ally, she had almost forgotten about and this time, he is determined to protect her – a plan that is about to stir new ripples in the criminal underworld of London…

Yet Ben Hampton is determined to continue the mission his father began in the 70s. Perry’s deadly nuclear project was hidden for more than two decades but does Ben have the power to track down the scientists at the heart of it? Or are his evil deeds finally about catch up with him, turning him from the hunter to the hunted?

Retribution End Game is a nail-biting race between the forces of good and evil; the collision of past and present where the threads of a long-running mystery are finally about to be unravelled.