Sleepy Bedtime Tales

Dan Jones
Genre: Children’s section Bedtime Stories

Sleepy Bedtime Tales offers a revolutionary way to tell bedtime stories helping to make bedtime a time of peace, calm and sleep for your child.

Based on various psychological principles and techniques ‘Sleepy Bedtime Tales’ bedtime stories guide your child comfortably asleep. These bedtime stories are to be read to your child at bedtime, rather than with or by your child at bedtime. These bedtime stories are written to be read to 4-7 year old’s (they can be read to children as young as two) as they rest in bed with their eyes shut listening along to the bedtime story. Each of the bedtime stories takes about 10-15 minutes to read.

The sleepy bedtime story approach has been taught to many parents and used by professionals working in residential care homes to help children to fall asleep at night. This approach can be used with any story book, but this is the first time that stories have been written specifically to optimise the effectiveness of the techniques.

If you are after a scientific, calming and relaxing approach to getting your child to sleep, then this is definitely the bedtime stories book for you. There are eleven bedtime tales starting with a tale about a rabbit that lives in the magician’s hat, through to Milton, a boy who loves the experience of falling asleep at night.

The stories in this ‘Sleepy Bedtime Tales’ book are:
– The Rabbit Who Came to Tea
– Timmy and the Secret Door
– The Princess and the Magical Kitten
– The Magical Unicorn
– The Spaceman and the Dinosaur
– The Swift and the Swallow
– The Caterpillar’s Dream
– The Boy Who Ran Off to the Circus
– Adventure of a Time Travelling Worm
– The Puppy Who Wanted to Play
– The Magical Journey Asleep