Tigger – Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat

Susanne Haywood
Genre: Humour

Cats are creatures of habit, right? They are happiest in their home environment and hate change. Well – not all of them! This is the story of one cat who travelled the world several times over, in order to be with his humans and keep them sane. It is the story of a young family embracing change and growing up as citizens of the world; but above all it is the story of a plucky, indomitable feline spirit and learning to take delight in small things.

He tells his story from his perspective, through the sharply observant eyes of a cat in charge of his endearingly naive humans, whose ideas he often finds puzzling, but accepts with good grace, knowing they rely on him to keep things going. Although he has his ups and downs – from sad beginnings as a kitten to his family’s inconvenient globetrotting tendencies – he masters major challenges while maintaining a robust faith in his own abilities and importance.

Tigger allows the reader to follow him as he explores nameless flora and fauna, mysterious smells and undreamt-of hunting opportunities. He meets wildlife and neighbourhood pets, escapes from sticky situations and copes with the vagaries of nature, from snowfalls to drought and bushfires. In the background of the story, the humans face their own struggles as they settle down in new surroundings. The occasional glimpse through Tigger’s green eyes lets the reader guess at what goes on in their world, but it really isn’t that important. Tigger’s experience is what really counts, and it is his personality – self-centered and superior, yet steadfast in his loyalty to his humans; vulnerable, yet brave and hopeful, that carries the story.