Tula’s Troll in Viking Land

Gunvor Johansson
Genre: Children’s Fantasy

‘Tula’s Troll in Viking Land’ is the second book in the series of ‘The Adventures of Tula and her Troll.’ Tula is a ten-year-old girl, who has befriended a small troll called Huva. In the first book ‘Tula’s Troll’, Tula and Huva travel back in time down the Century Ladder to the 16th Century.

In this second book, the troll king sends Huva to rescue his son Rolf, who has fallen down the Century Ladder and is now in the Viking town of Jorvik. Tula decides to go along to help Huva in his search for Rolf. Huva knows that the Vikings do not like trolls, so he uses magic to make himself and Tula into shadows.

Now they can freely walk about in town without being seen. In Jorvik they discover that the Vikings are not all fearsome warriors but many are peaceful traders. But it is not easy to find Rolf, the purpose of their visit. Their search for him is fraught with danger. Tula and Huva are captured by the Vikings and must use all their wits to find a way back home. Eric, the Black Snake, the most feared of Vikings demands the severest punishment for them. Will Tula be clever enough to work out a plan to escape back to the 21st Century with Huva and Rolf?