From Swamp to La Serenissima

Gillian Angrave
Genre: Non-Fiction / Travel and Photography

Despite a career of travel spanning 40 years, nowhere has captured Gillian’s heart nor imagination as profoundly as Venice. In writing these two books, she has been able, successfully, to combine personal experiences and amusing anecdotes with historical information and practical tips.

In Volume 1 (“From Swamp to La Serenissima”), Gillian sets out on her first two visits to explore this flamboyant and magical “water city”. Joined briefly by her sister, Sheila, she describes her initial impressions and experiences as she discovers ever more hidden gems in this “jewel in the crown”.

Her meanderings take her not only to the more popular tourist areas of Rialto and the Piazza San Marco, but also off the beaten track to the Ghetto and Dorsoduro (following in the footsteps of Julia Garnet in “Miss Garnet’s Angel”), and to the quieter areas of Castello to find San Zanipolo, the Giardini Publicci, the Arsenale and the Fondamenta Nuove. Glide with her, too, as she basks in the serenity (or so she thought!) of a ride in a gondola; and a rather choppy vaporetto journey to Murano, Burano and Torcello. Along the way she amasses a host of fascinating snippets of information which she is eager to share with her readers.

Gillian’s photographs, and conversational and easily accessible style of writing, take her readers on a journey of discovery that is not merely a guide, but a shared experience of all that is best in this unique city. Her books give a delightful and engaging insight into the magic that is Venice, and will evoke the happiest of memories for travellers who have already been, and will captivate those who have this pleasure yet to come.