Betwixt and Between

Gillian Angrave
Genre: Non-Fiction / Travel and Photography

Gillian, as a Member of the Venice in Peril Fund, has been conscious of just how much restoration is needed to maintain and protect the fabric and environment of Venice. To this end, part of the proceeds from the sale of her books will be donated to the Fund to assist with this vital work that they are carrying out. She is proud to help in this small way.

In Volume 2 (“Betwixt and Between”), drawn to Venice like a magnet to steel, Gillian, once again armed with her trusty camera, describes her further meanderings and encounters on this, her third visit to this “living patchwork quilt of islands”. She goes on a guided tour of the Ghetto and its Schole (synagogues), discovers the parish church of her favourite artist, Paulo Veronese, pays an early morning visit to the Rialto fish market, and visits Lido in search of the Hotel des Bains, backdrop to Thomas Mann’s classic book “Death in Venice”. She also delves into the history of some of La Laguna’s lesser known islands; and discusses the ever increasing problem of mass tourism in Venice in her section “Big Ship versus Little Ship”. Again, this books is a mine of information, illustrated by stunning photographs.

Gillian’s photographs, and conversational and easily accessible style of writing, take her readers on a journey of discovery that is not merely a guide, but a shared experience of all that is best in this unique city. Her books give a delightful and engaging insight into the magic that is Venice, and will evoke the happiest of memories for travellers who have already been, and will captivate those who have this pleasure yet to come.