Helen J. Christmas
Genre: Thriller Mystery / Romance

Visions is a psychological thriller mystery set in rural England. The year is 1985. It’s been 12 years since Eleanor escaped London, discarding the fragments of her tragic past to discover a new life. She is hiding in a remote country village, a place where she truly believes she will be safe.

Her neighbour, James Barton-Wells is desperate to save his beautiful historic country house from ruin; but this has attracted the attention of a wealthy property developer from London whose seemingly altruistic offer to bankroll the restoration masks a sinister game plan. Jarred by suspicion, Eleanor consults her friend, Charles Bailey. Charlie has his own story – fearful that Perry Hampton is the man who undoubtedly ruined his future.

Against all odds, the characters are drawn together in a battle to save Westbourne House, oblivious to the menace that surrounds them. Yet it is not until Eleanor comes face to face with a deadly adversary, she finally understands the dangers that threatens those she loves.

Can Eleanor unravel the clues that conceal an evil crime from the 70s? This book will draw you into a world of suspense with shocking psychological twists you will never see coming…

Visions is the second book in the series ‘Same Face Different Place.’