I was born in the north of Sweden, and grew up there. A town which produced, I am proud to mention; a Nobel prize winner in literature.

Gunvor JohanssenAsk me my back ground and I might answer; snow, northern lights and midnight sun. Perhaps that is what has inspired the other writers, which come from my small town. Although I can’t aspire to the same fame, I do hope that children enjoy reading what I have written, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. My first books; The Water People’s Secret and the sequel, Alice and Friends in her Secret World, carry a subtle message about saving the oceans from pollution. We are destroying the seas. If we could see what is going on under the surface; it would not be allowed. As you can guess, my feelings on the subject are strong.

At the age of eighteen, a month after leaving school, I came to England to perfect my English. The first year was spent in Guildford, as an au-pair. I studied English at the college there. I intended to stay for a year and I am still here!
Now I live on the south coast, near Chichester.

I started to write as a teenager living in Sweden, I wrote poetry, stories, and with a school friend of mine, attempted to write a children’s book. How I wish I still had that manuscript! Ten years ago I started to write in earnest and I get enormous pleasure from writing. I believe all writers do. I have just finished a series of three books, to be published, about a small Troll, whose ancestors came over to Scotland from Scandinavia by hiding in the long boats of the Vikings. The first book is called Tula’s Troll, in which Tula and her troll go back in time to Portsmouth; where they meet Henry VIII and see the Mary Rose sink. In the second book the pair arrives in Jorvik; today’s York, where they spend time with the Vikings. The third book takes them to Dickens’ home in 1870.

Books by Gunvor Johansson

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Tula’s Troll

Tula’s Troll in Viking Land

Tula’s Troll in Dickens Land

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