Helen Christmas, West Sussex author of romantic thriller suspense series, Same Face Different Place; a saga set in England across 4 decades.

Helen J. Christmas author of Same face Different Place

Writing is something I am passionate about. I have always dreamed of being an author and in 2012, finally took the first step in getting my work published. It seems a long while ago since I published my debut novel ‘Beginnings,’ the first book in a British series, titled ‘SAME FACE DIFFERENT PLACE’.

‘Beginnings’, described by fans as a ‘real page turner’ is set in the dark, criminal underworld of 1970s London. Part thriller and part romance, it is a story of two young people, unwittingly caught up in a conspiracy to end the life of a British MP, forced into hiding and desperate to escape from deadly enemies.

In Book 2, ‘Visions’ the same characters cross paths, over a decade later in this psychological thriller based around the restoration of an Country House. In ‘Pleasures,’ the younger generation get involved. It is a story which sees the return of organised crime; a coming of age drama, combined with a conspiracy thriller which draws the characters to the infamous Old Bailey for a shattering climax.

Helen has recently published her 4th book, ‘Retribution’ which due to its size and complexity has been split into 2 books. This the final story of the series where the mystery reaches its dramatic conclusion. Helen lives with her husband in a period thatched cottage on the South Coast of England which is where she does her work and her writing.

NEW for 2019 Helen embarked on a series of shorter stories based on some of the lesser known characters of the series to give a completely new take on the story. Depicted through the eyes of three abused teenagers, this is a character driven saga filled with psychological suspense, domestic noir and social history. Your can view the video below:

All books are available on Amazon
(in Kindle and Paperback):

Books 1 - 5 of the Same Face Different Place series

All books are available on Amazon (in Kindle and Paperback):

Rosebrook Chronicles the Hidden Stories

Book 1 Beginnings

Book 2 Visions

Book 3 Pleasures

Book 4 Retribution Phase 1

Book 5 Retribution End Game

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