Despite the predictions that self-published authors would find it hard to compete in sales with traditionally published writers, data recently available shows that Indie published ebooks represented 25% of titles on Amazon’s ebook Bestseller lists with only 16% from the Big Five publishing houses in the quarter to July 2014.

That compares with 22% and 20% respectively from the same data in February 2014 – so a trend is definitely emerging. The news is even better for self-publishing authors of particular genres.  Indie authors dominate in Romance and Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres, but they have also taken significant market share in all genres including Mystery/Thriller/Suspense and Non-fiction.

From the data available it is estimated that self-published authors now account for 31% of total daily e-book sales regardless of genre.  The figures add weight to the story in the Guardian recently about the unsustainability of traditional publishing if authors continue to earn less while their publishers earn more.  Self-published authors are now earning nearly 40% of all ebook royalties on the Kindle store, so the days of looking at self-publishing as a vanity exercise or a last resort are long gone.

CHINDI founder member Chris Casburn comments.  “At last we’re seeing the data that backs up what many indie writers have seen happening in the market for some time.  The tide is turning and it’s a really exciting time to be an independent writer right now.  The possibilities for promoting your work and sharing it with a wide audience is enormous, and as CHINDI members we benefit from everyone’s knowledge and experience of what works best.”

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Pie Chart showing Amazon best seller lists

Written by Jill King, July 2014


Indie Writers Earnings on Upward Trend
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