Susanne talks about her book ‘Tigger: Adventures of a Cosmopolitan Cat’

Susanne will be CHINDI’s Author of the Week from Monday, 4th June – National Hug Your Cat Day! The week will therefore be dedicated to the story of her cat and feature a number of articles and fun activities for cat lovers and those still waiting to be converted. Beware: this is an ever-shrinking number! By the end of the week you, too, will be convinced that cats have their very own stories to tell, with a little help from a human friend.

Susanne Haywood with Tigger

Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat is Susanne’s first novel. It was a leap of faith for her, straight from a career in teaching, research and Higher Education management to the story of the family cat. What encouraged her to take the leap was the success of Tigger’s column in the family’s annual Christmas newsletter to friends around the world, in which he commented to great acclaim on the events of the year from his point of view.

Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan CatThe Haywood Family are of the nomadic type. They made their home on three continents over the years before returning to England. Tigger had no choice but to follow them in his travel container, on a constant quest to keep them sane and grounded. Having joined them in Perth, Western Australia, he embarked with them on a two-year adventure in the fields and forests of Maryland, USA before returning to Australia and a small farm outside Melbourne, where over a period of twelve years he encountered all the excitements and perils of life in the outback. By the time his family decided to move one last time, he was firmly in charge of three fellow pets on the long journey across the globe and helped them settle in a damp, green country called England.

Always at the centre of the story is Tigger’s relationship with his family. While it is based on mutual respect and affection, it is also marked by the inevitable disdain that a cat will feel for lesser mortals. Even when they have to rescue him from the various scrapes in which he finds himself, his pride always remains intact and he takes it for granted that they will return him to the comfortable lifestyle to which he is entitled.

Tigger’s adventures are told from his own perspective and range from the pleasurable to the downright scary, but whatever happens, readers young and old will feel they have gained a new feline friend. The book was published by Matador in 2015 and is now in its second print run. It was the winner of the 2017 Bookangel Award for books about cats of distinctive character, which gained the joint authors a £100 Amazon voucher, a framed certificate and a toy mouse! The book is available as both paperback from all good bookshops or online ( or The e-book version is only available on Amazon.

Since publishing Tigger’s story, Susanne has also written an Australian story that has been shortlisted for the Cinnamon Prize and is working on a World War 2 historical novel. Clearly, she is still searching for her groove…

It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!