Perhaps writing is in my blood. My father, Mercer Simpson, was a poet; my cousin, Roger Hubank, a novelist; Roger’s uncle, John Hampson was also a novelist and fringe member of the Bloomsbury Group. And it’s even rumoured that John Keats is somewhere back there in the family tree.

Photo of Jane CableNo wonder that I have always scribbled. But it took me until I was in my forties to complete a full length manuscript. And then another, and another… Writing stories became a compulsive hobby. I could lose myself in my characters, almost live their lives, and I started to long for readers other than my mother and a few close friends to be able to do the same.

It was reaching the final of The Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition in 2011 which made me take my writing seriously. I was signed by a big name agent straight away but after a while realised he wanted The Cheesemaker’s House turned into a thriller and we parted company. Another agent was seriously interested but wanted the book re-written as a pure romance – and that was something I wasn’t prepared to do. Slowly I was coming to realise that however good my book was, unless it fitted neatly into a genre, it was never going to be taken up by a mainstream publisher.

I went to a self publishing conference organised by the Writers & Artists Yearbook and was inspired by the speakers to publish independently myself. The Cheesemaker’s House, a gripping romance-suspense, saw the light of day in September 2013 and I was delighted when it received great reviews from book bloggers and, just as importantly, from the people who bought and read it.

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