As a fairly new member of Chindi Authors, I’d like to introduce myself to those whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

John Hall, CHINDI authors

Having made the acquaintance of a handful of Chindi Authors – and enjoyed their encouragement and support over the last year or so – I am delighted to now consider myself a fellow author, following the self-publishing of my first novel, Under the Yew Tree.

Having grown up in Sussex and with a horticultural background, I find myself referring to my local knowledge and personal experiences of farming and agriculture in the region and the communities that keep the nation fed. A “what-if” story set in 1940, during World War Two, Under the Yew Tree imagines the German occupation of the South East of England and the actions of the local Resistance – naturally mostly made up of local farmers and farm workers.

Under the Yew Tree is now available to buy on Amazon, which is a thrilling feeling and I’m currently reeling from the positive feedback I’m receiving from readers so far!  I’m pleased to say that my second novel, a sequel, is already 30,000 words in but any further encouragement from Chindi Authors to achieve the endgame is welcome!

Under the Yew Tree by John Hall