Jon has been a newspaper reporter, served fifteen years in the Regular Army, followed by over thirty years in the Defence Industry. He was for ten years European Director of Swaledale Consulting Group (USA), and from 2009/13 Chairman of the Equality for Veterans Association. Jon has travelled extensively throughout Europe, North and South America.

Jon Moorthorpe

‘Migrating Geese’ is a collection of short stories each very different. Some will make the reader laugh and some will bring a tear to the eye. Now available through Amazon or the online shop at The perfect easy reading is an inexpensive Christmas gift.

The Kensington Collection is a tense story of industrial and political corruption which leads to the mysterious death of a prominent MP. Much of the action is based on Jon’s past experience. Only names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

Following the success of ‘The Gregory Journal’ in 2014, a novel length work covering the whole life story of William Gregory is now a work in progress. Publication is forecast for early 2017.

Planned for release in 2016 is another anthology of short stories ‘A Carrot, Onion and Potato (recipe or party game).


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