Julia loves romance and has written her debut romantic suspense novel ‘Trust in You’ which will be on sale from April 2020 via Amazon

Author Julia Firlotte

My love of reading started in primary school, reading Trebizon books under my duvet with a torch. Thirty years later, I’ve never grown out of it, only now it’s a kindle screen glowing after lights out (yes, I’m naughty, I know!). I’ve always enjoyed thinking up stories, but crazily never put the two together, having been so focussed on climbing the corporate ladder, coupled with family commitments, writing my own novels never really occurred to me. Then in January 2018, I decided to buy a laptop. My passion for writing romance quickly became an obsession and I’ve now completed one book, am currently finishing my second and have three others drafted.

You just know you’ve found what you want to do in life, when you walk out of a stationer’s with your ring-bound novel printed on A4 and are so excited you can’t sit still enough to drive home! So that’s me, a book obsessed mum of two who’s a devoted member of the 5am writers club. If you love romance as much as I do, my debut romantic suspense novel Trust in You is on sale from April 6th via Amazon. I’ve been told it’s a page-turner and hope you’ll feel the same way, you can also find me on all the usual social media channels, I’d love to connect.”

A first love summer romance full of intrigue, lust and lies.

From the moment she met him, Ella Peterson had questions. Older and mysterious, Adam Brook soon sweeps sheltered Ella off her feet; but is he as perfect as he appears to be, or is he keeping things from her?

Ella’s world has already turned upside down after moving from England to rural Kansas. She and her sisters were hoping for a more secure future, but instead find that life can be tough when jobs are scarce and the stakes higher than anticipated.

When events spiral out of Ella’s control, she learns to rely most on herself and her instincts on who to trust in the future.

It’s just that her instincts are to trust Adam; it’s what he tells her that makes that a problem.

Trust in You by Chindi Author Julia Firlotte

Trust in You is the first book in the Falling for You series and ends on a cliff hanger.

The story continues in Believe in Me which will be on sale late in 2020.

Believe in Me: A modern romance which captivates, shocks and delights.

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