Laura Pauley is a Senior Communications and Press Officer for the NHS, and lives in Chichester with her partner Chris and three children. Laura has written two books, ‘My Summer Bump’ and ‘My Asian Summer’.

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Working as a reporter, Laura had written many stories, but in 2009 and pregnant with her first child, Laura decided to turn the pen on herself, writing a memoir about her struggle with a ‘single’ pregnancy.

Following the success of ‘My Summer Bump’ Laura was offered a weekly newspaper and magazine column documenting her life as a single mother. After 18 months of writing about her life and working as a freelance reporter, Laura cautiously left journalism and entered the fast-paced world of media-handling and communications, protecting the public sector from any nasty headlines, whilst promoting their efforts at the same time. Over the last 10 years Laura has worked for the NHS and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

When her daughter reached five years of age, Laura packed up her bags and the pair backpacked across Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, later turning her adventure into the travel memoir, ‘My Asian Summer’.

“Within 10 months of starting my first book, it was launched in Waterstones, however, the second book was not such an easy process – it took me five years to complete, finally launching in September 2019!” laughs Laura.

Book Cover My Asian Summer by Laura Pauley

Both books received local and national media attention, with articles in Fabulous Magazine, The Sun, BBC radio for both books, four-page spread in Mother and Baby magazine; three-page spread in the Portsmouth News for both books, Chichester Observer for both books; Wave 105, Etc magazine, Pregnancy and Birth… amongst others.

Laura continues to freelance in her spare time, covering charities, private businesses and law firms.
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What are people saying about ‘My Asian Summer?’

“My Asian Summer is a quirky, first-person narrative that takes you right into the bustle of Asia, allowing the reader to experience a deeper understanding of certain topics, characters and destinations featured. The detail of each chapter is projected in a way that is cleverly woven through a story of personal narrative. The author recounts her often humorous encounters in a way that is light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek. Enjoyable, insightful and comical – you won’t want to put it down.”
Elise Brewerton, The Portsmouth News

“What an adventure. A fascinating journey and read. Inspiration to the brave and bold that travelling with a child can be empowering and enlightening!”
Alice B Grist, author of Dirty & Divine

“Such an inspirational story and what a once in a lifetime adventure for a child to have!”
Claire Wilson, Assistant Editor (Features) at Fabulous Magazine

“An interesting, captivating and inspiring story that proves that life is an adventure. A true and honest account of their travels. I can’t wait to hear what they do next!”
Laura Molyneaux, Founder of Seaside Features

“Such an inspirational story and what a once in a lifetime adventure for a child to have!”
Claire Wilson, Assistant Editor (Features) at Fabulous Magazine

“A travelogue like no other…Laura manages to immerse her readers in a story of infinite adventure. A compelling page-turner, you will be swept across numerous Asian countries laughing at the pit of your soul and collecting a body of historical knowledge. You will be encapsulated in a tale of heart-warming love; be exposed to unapologetic honesty and an array of raw-emotion. Consequently, at the end of the book, you will be questioning human nature and what it means to have a rich life.”
Siân Smith, Editor