Lost Property

Isabella Muir
Genre: Crime/Mystery

This new case takes Janie Juke back in time to the Second World War, where she learns about secret missions and brave deeds.

When Hugh Furness asks Janie to track down an old friend, she discovers there is much more at stake than a missing person. It is the past that holds the key, but she needs to be at her most intuitive to work out what lies behind the rumours and conjecture.

A new decade is looming. In these last months of the 1960s, time is against them. Hugh Furness is seriously ill and Janie is just months away from the birth of her first child. Following in the footsteps of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, Janie enlists the help of local journalist, Libby Frobisher. Racing around the seaside towns of Tamarisk Bay and Tidehaven, Janie and Libby track down clues and piece together the facts.

Can Janie and Libby find out who is telling the truth before it is too late?