Lu Thomson has been writing for as long as she can remember.  Her love for reading started from a very young age, having learnt to read extremely quickly and absorbing herself in books like they were going out of fashion.

Lu Thomson CHINDI author of Children's Books

Lu spent many an evening reading by torchlight under the covers, listening out for footsteps and pretending she was asleep when her parents checked in on her.  She loved diving into new and exciting worlds, making the impossible seem possible.

As the eldest daughter, Lu began her life as a writer early on by making up stories for her little sister on demand.  She even became quite good at it!  Her love for crafting stories branched out beyond stories with Lu winning her first poetry competition aged 10 for her poem “The Sea” and writing the lyrics to a Christmas song for her school choir aged 12, “Unto Christmas Day”.

Her writing of stories, poetry and songs continued for personal pleasure as a teenager until it gave way to the academic study of law as a late teen.  Lu put her creative writing to one side to make way for reams and reams of legal text until one day, she found herself writing stories in her head again.

After a year or more of the concept swirling in her mind, “The Worry Box” was finally born as her first published book with independent publisher Cynefin Road on 20 June 2017.  Once she had started, Lu simply couldn’t stop and has continued to write.  Her second book “Ruby and the Magic Key” was published by Cynefin Road on 17 November 2017 and she already has more books ready for self publication in 2018.

Lu’s children’s books are, in the main, centred around tackling childhood worries and concerns, providing positive messages and encouragement, and boosting confidence.  Her aim is to encourage children to engage with her books on another level; to think about them long after they have been read and to cherish the message.  Lu also wants to help parents and guardians talk with their children about her stories and so most of her books contain activities to compliment them.  Of course she also writes stories that are just for fun and has a photo story book set for self publication about her cat which will be just for that!

Alongside her writing – and her very busy day job – Lu attends schools, libraries and events to talk about her books, read with children, and promote the positive messages behind her words.  As an experienced public speaker, Lu has no difficulty delivering engaging assemblies and even lessons within a classroom setting.

The Worry Box by Children's author Lu Thomson

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