I have meandered purposefully through life enjoying what I believe is known in CV speak as a portfolio career.

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Nursing, motherhood, complementary therapies, SEN support in school, life coaching. Throughout all this I have written – assignments, blog posts, short stories, published opinion pieces in a nursing journal and now children’s books.

As a life coach of fourteen years, I have helped a lot of people unlearn patterns of thinking and supported them to overcome self-doubt and find the courage to make different choices to create a life that inspires and excites them.

A recurring thought throughout this time has been how can we support children to grow up with good self-esteem, resilience and a strong sense of who they are? So that, as adults, they don’t need people like myself.

Enter a knitted teddy called Birdham Bear, an unexpected and exciting adventure for me! Through his stories and activities children and their adults can share a fun journey of exploration and discovery.

They are gentle, inspiring stories with a purpose; friendship, the natural world, magic, fairies and a powerful message that we are all unique with our own gifts to share with the world.

The beautiful, hand painted illustrations by Sarah-Leigh Wills make them perfect for adults to read with children from babyhood until they are able to read the stories themselves.

I am delighted with the positive feedback I receive from both parents and children. As well as throughout the UK Birdham Bear has found his way to the USA, Poland, Finland and Ireland so far; where will he go next?

Photo of book Birdham Bear by CHINDI author Lynne Healy

The first two books of the Birdham Bear series are available to purchase now, with a third coming later in 2018.

For full information about these and other Birdham Bear products – and to purchase – visit my website www.birdhambear.com

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