Meet the Chindi Authors at the Arundel Festival, 19th-28th August, and help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Our authors will be manning a bookstall outside the Cancer Research UK shop, on the High Street in Arundel, for the ten days of the Arundel Festival. They will be donating one hundred and thirty-two hours of combined Chindi Author’s time as they work together signing and selling books, to raise funds for the charity.

CHINDI authors fundraising stall at Arundel Festival

While the stall will offer new books in a range of genres to suit all ages, throughout the festival, we thought we would let you know a little more about the authors you will have a chance to meet and when you can expect to see them:

Carol Thomas writes contemporary romance novels with relatable heroines whose stories are layered with emotion, sprinkled with laughter and topped with irresistible male leads. She also writes children’s books with irresistibly cute, generally furry characters, young children can relate to. (Find Carol manning the stall all day on both weekends and weekdays 9-11am / 3-5pm)

Children’s author Gunvor Johansson writes books, suitable for 7-12-year-olds, which entertain and educate her readers, leading them on adventures under the sea or back through time. (Meet Gunvor on Saturday 19th, Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd 11am-3pm)

Helen Christmas has a passion for gripping stories with strong characters. With a love of writing since childhood, she published her debut novel, ‘Beginnings’ in 2012, a dark romantic thriller which eventually evolved into a series, titled ‘Same Face Different Place,’ spanning four decades of British history. (Meet Helen on Tuesday 22nd and Saturday 26th 11am-3pm)

Described as “Gifted” in the Financial Times, traditionally published author, Michael Parker, writes stand-alone novels that cover all bases: crime, action & adventure, thriller and a romance novel. (Meet Michael on the morning of Saturday 19th)

Rosemary Noble writes page turning historical novels set in the 19th century. She’ll make you cry, she’ll make you gasp, and she’ll make you burn with indignation, but sometimes she’ll let you sigh with pleasure and relief. (Rosemary will be manning the stall on Sunday 20th 11am-3pm and may be popping along on Monday 21st too)

Dan Jones is the author of a number of bestselling books on hypnosis, meditation, self-help, parenting and autism based on his personal experiences as someone with autism and his professional experiences as a mind-body and hypnotherapy trainer and parenting specialist, and within mental health services. (Dan, who was a big hit last year, will be on the stall everyday from 11 am, except for the two Saturdays and Friday 26th)

Award winning author Jane Cable writes page-turning romance with a twist of suspense in a beautiful British setting. (Jane is hoping to come along to the stall during the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd)

Jocasta Jones, whose work has been described as “a riotous trip through the afterlife,” writes dark comedy. (Meet Jocasta, also known as Alison, on Thursday 24th)

Julia Macfarlane’s short stories explore business life, personal lives and impossible situations with dark wit and well-drawn characters. She also produces anthologies of stories and poems with fellow Sussex writers, including the Chichester Ghost Tour. (Julia will be on the stall, accompanied by a companion from Bognor Write Club, Friday 25th 11am-3pm)

Gillian Angrave’s books depict her own stunning photographs and chronicle her love affair with the magical floating city of Venice. (Gillian is our newest Chindi member to be manning the stall and will be there on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th 11am-3pm)

Also available on our stall will be books by popular children’s author Christopher Joyce, who writes mystery novels for children from 7+. Dyslexic friendly and richly illustrated, the books are based in Chichester where creatures solve the problems created by the Twolegs.

Please do make a date to go along and give our authors your support and help them raise funds for Cancer Research UK. They are always happy to chat about writing, books, their varied paths to publication and no doubt, as they will be standing outside for ten days, the weather!

Arundel Festival

Meet the Authors at the Arundel Festival
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