Chindi Membership and Fees

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in independent publishing. There is a joining fee of £30 (£25 renewable annually) which gives you access to our private discussion group CHINUP. You need to be on Facebook to join this group so we do ask that new members set up an account before they join.

  • Our private group CHINUP is where we share our contacts and expertise.
  • Where do I find a good proofreader?
  • How do I set up a good Facebook page?
  • Who knows how I produce an audio book?
  • Someone will have the answer on CHINUP.

You can also have an author’s profile on our website for no additional cost and have your books listed in the ‘For Readers’ section.

We reserve the right to reject books that have poor production values. These include grammatical errors, typos, badly produced e-books, or content that could be damaging to the reputation of our authors.

Members regularly share costs for additional promotions, (such as launch events, Christmas stalls) on a regional basis.

Membership also currently provides insurance cover for live events promoted through Chindi.

Potential new members should contact us on to arrange an informal meeting with one of our members to discuss joining the group and the benefits it can bring. This can be over a coffee or Skype/ FaceTime if preferred. We also ask applicants if we can see their books to ensure they meet the standard of quality expected.

Benefits of membership:

  • Profile on Chindi Authors Website.
  • Have your books listed by genre in our Readers Section.
  • Join our CHINUP Facebook page for online discussions, tips and networking.
  • Eligibility to upload own videos/book trailers to Chindi Youtube Channel.
  • Inclusion in media PR programme.
  • Speaking opportunities at events
  • Sales opportunity at events and market stalls etc.
  • Access to database of writing competitions.
  • Access to our public Facebook page for sharing promotions and other news.
  • Inclusion in Chindi quarterly newsletters.
  • Shared knowledge and experiences of the group.
  • Free feedback on proposed cover designs and early drafts (this is not a full proofreading or editing service but might suggest you need these).

Chindi is set up as a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Fees go towards hosting the website, booking rooms, funding promotional material etc.

Many members have videos, reading extracts of their books on our Chindi YouTube Channel.