Ranter’s Wharf

Rosemary Noble
Genre: Historic Fiction / Family Saga

One moment, William is running around barefoot, ragged and more often hungry than not. Then Aunt Betsy appears from nowhere. She needs an heir to drive away suitors and William fits the bill. He leaves a family torn apart by Betsy’s decision. One day in the future, that action will come back to bite her, with devastating consequences.
Based partly on a true story, this book is set in Lincolnshire, in the early years of the 19th century. This moving family saga sees William grapple with the loss and betrayal set in motion on that fateful day. It doesn’t end with him as his son, John, also discovers. Will love conquer the Victorian demands of respectability and duty?

A story of three generations working out, not only their place in the world but also how to navigate the pitfalls of living in a country fearful of invasion and rebellious ideas.