Susanne Haywood was born in Austria and lived in Scotland, England, Australia and in the United States before returning to West Sussex, where she lives with her husband and a variable number of adult children and pets.

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After a career in higher education, she now devotes her time to writing – unless the sun shines, when she can be found outside, reading or digging in the garden. In addition to the book displayed here, Susanne has also completed a crime story set in Australia, still awaiting publication and is working on a World War 2 historical novel.

Tigger, co-author and protagonist of her first fiction book, was the family’s loyal travel companion for 18 years. Ever resourceful and optimistic, he shared their lives, joys and challenges on three continents, leaving behind much more than his literary legacy. He tells his story from his perspective, through the sharply observant eyes of a cat in charge of his endearingly naive humans, whose ideas he often finds puzzling, but accepts with good grace, knowing they rely on him to keep things going. Although he has his ups and downs – from sad beginnings as a kitten to his family’s inconvenient globetrotting tendencies – he masters major challenges while maintaining a robust faith in his own abilities and importance.

Tigger - Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat

This is a tale for all who like animals and respect them for who they are, embracing their individualities and foibles. It will delight cat lovers. While Tigger was not especially written for children, older children will also enjoy reading about him. Essentially, however, this is a story for those who recognize the importance of a happy, harmonious home for the wellbeing of all creatures.

In September 2017, Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat was awarded the inaugural Stephen Memorial Prize for books about cats of distinctive character by Bookangel, a site that promotes independently published books.

Susanne’s book is available on Amazon (in Kindle and Paperback)

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