Toyne Newton, “Author of books on mystical matters and timeworn chronicles.”     

Toyne Newton member of CHINDI authors

I began writing for magazines after switching from photography in the late 1970. My interest  in esoteric and occult matters deepened during this period, so when the opportunity to write for the Unexplained magazine arose I naturally accepted with both hands.

Even in this field I have always sought out unusual and innovative material and this occasion was no different. The resulting articles led to several book publications listed below.

I love music from the 1930s jazz of Benny Goodman to the sixties soul of Otis Redding through to the enduring rock of Patti Smith and the Grateful Dead. I used to write features for the Grateful Dead Fanzine “Spiral Light” which ended with my obituary for lead guitarist frontman of the band -Jerry Garcia. When the entire US internet crashed in sympathy an event which also  could be described as ‘Unexplained!’

Books by Toyne Newton

The Demonic Connection (Blandford Press 1987)
The Dark Worship (Vega Chrysalis London 2002)
London’s Mystical Legacy (self published Brutus Media)
The Occult Origins of the European Union (Brutus Media 2015)

London’s Mystical Legacy is available to buy on Amazon